Share your story at IT Matters 2020!

We are excited to announce that the second edition of IT Matters is now in preparation and we are looking for speakers, workshops and talks!
The big news is that now we are meeting not only in Warsaw, Poland but also in two other European cities – Tampere and Amsterdam!
We’re delighted that you’re thinking of submitting a proposal and we hope the following guide helps you with your application.

Important dates:

Tampere, Finland: POSTPONED TO MARCH 2021

Warsaw, Poland: 26.09.2020,

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 12.12.2020.

Deadline for sending proposals: (NEW DEADLINE) 30.06.2020 (for IT Matters Warsaw and Amsterdam), 30.10.2020 (for IT Matters Tampere)

You will receive feedback from us by 15.07.2020 (if you submitted for IT Matters Warsaw and Tampere), 15.11.2020 (if you submitted for IT Matters Tampere).

What are we looking for?

We’d like to invite you to submit your proposals for the following types of sessions:

  • talks (30 min + 15 min Q&A)
  • workshops (preferably 2-3 hours long)

We will focus on the following topics (all in a specific relation to work in the IT/tech industry), but we are always open for new, inspiring and thought-provoking ideas:

  • building a strong and diverse team – case studies,
  • tools for managing diverse teams,
  • leadership and its role in creating a diverse and inclusive organisational culture
  • creating an accessible, disability-friendly workplace,
  • managing mental health issues – how to support your own mental health and wellbeing and that of your coworkers and employees,
  • understanding and supporting neurodiversity/the benefits of neurodiversity
  • intercultural (cross-cultural) communication,
  • effective communication and teamwork,
  • conflict resolution skills and conflict management,
  • psychological safety in the workplace,
  • challenges of working in virtual teams,
  • unconscious bias/cognitive bias/thinking traps.

You can submit to speak at one or two or all of the events (please check the right box in the submission form).

What do we offer conference speakers?

  • A free ticket to the conference (of course)
  • Economy travel expenses
  • Accommodation (one night at the hotel close to the conference venue/at the conference venue).
  • Optional public speaking coaching and help with your presentation
  • Travel and accommodation for a carer or interpreter or access to local support


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