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Why IT Matters?

Diversity makes tech teams more creative, productive and stronger.
Diverse and inclusive teams make better products.
Most problems can be solved by effective communication, conscious leadership and an empathetic approach.

Join us at one of our conferences across Europe – in Tampere, Warsaw or Amsterdam.
Managers, team leaders and all those interested in creating human-centered organizational culture are especially invited.

Bring your own experience, bring your own problem and let’s talk about the things that matter in IT!

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IT Matters is a space for a variety of working IT professionals who are
passionate about not only their technical skills but also about personal growth.

By partnering with IT Matters, you will not only get a chance to meet them, but also build awareness in the tech community by showing that diversity, inclusion and human-centered organizational culture matter to your organisation.

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What do people say about IT Matters?

IT Matters was like a breeze of fresh air in the IT world. Finally we stopped trying to smuggle „soft” topics into our meetups or conference and got a place only for that. Joanna making her dream come true also fulfilled others’ needs. As the attendance showed there were many of us feeling same urge to „soften” IT. Fantastic choice of topics from diversity through mental health in the workplace up to truely self-reflection presentations was provided by the speakers who really fit the event. They were open, sharing and willing to discuss (even long after presentation time had ended). ITMatters has become mandatory place to be for me!
Jakub Rosiński, Manager/Trainer/Speaker
I attended the IT Matters conference with high hopes given what appeared to be a brave program of talks. There appeared, on paper, to be a diversity of thinking applied to the conference often missing, with talks focusing on opening teams up to and encouraging diversity and inclusion. I was extremely pleased to find my hopes and expectations were exceeded. The talks were focused on experience and lessons learnt and all felt like peer to peer talks with active involvement. This wasn’t a conference entirely about the talks though and conversations around diversity and inclusion, including my own area of focus neurodiversity, not only flowed but was actively encouraged and facilitated by the amazing organiser. This is an event that I am excited to attend again in the future and I look forward to seeing it continue to grow. The sky is the limit for Joanna and team.
Matthew Parker, Manager/Coach/Autism Inclusion Advocate
It was great! I loved it, atmosphere was one of a kind - a lot of networking and openness.
IT Matters 2019 Attendee
Very well organized. Nice try to push complicated topics, which are not so popular in IT but DO matter.
IT Matters 2019 Attendee
It's good to finally have a dedicated event that covers such topics in relation to IT industry
IT Matters 2019 Attendee
IT Matters was something completely new and needed in Polish IT industry. There are many conferences focusing on technical restrictions, inspirations, case studies, but only one focusing on human factor. From my personal experience it is much underestimated field - we rely too much on technical solution. During IT Matters conference I've gathered knowledge that is an absolute must-have for every leader in the industry, and, in case of so common self-organising teams, for every single team member.
Kamila Polanska, Quality Engineer


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