Tomasz Smaczny

Team Coach & Parenting Educator

The art of failing, inspired by mindful parenting

Simon Sinek claims that the closest thing to leadership is parenting.
I absolutely agree. Parenting is solidly researched and may be a valuable inspiration for professional growth.

In this talk I will explain how you can overcome a business failure by applying mindful parenting principles. Here are some of the topics we may cover:
– What is important for a child who freely run in a playground and why it matters in business?
– What should we celebrate in the office – successes or failures?
– Why do we have problem in treating failure naturally?
– What is the hardest thing to accept when failure happens?
– How much do you believe in your child? And your team?
– Should you show your disappointment if you are a parent? And a leader?
– What is the golden rule if you want your child to innovate?

If you have a minute now and you are a parent or spend time with children, think how you react, when a child fails at something. What do you feel? What do you do? What do you say?

I hope we hear your thoughts during the presentation!



Tomasz helps organizations operating better, healthier and with more fun by taking care of employees’ core needs within Healthy Organisation Project.
He believes that parenting is an art worth continuous learning. Mindful parenting makes people more relaxed and competent both at home and at work. For leaders parenting may be the most effective and free form of training. If they accurately use it. Tomasz personally hosts unique parenting webinars and workshops at organizations and designs leadership development programs inspired by mindful parenting.
Tomasz has had 20 years of business experience. He has spent most of his career in marketing and sales in global corporations. As a leader he has led international teams across cultures and continents. He is an accredited ICF coach. In 2017 he spent almost entire year on a parental leave. Since then he has been blogging on RIE parenting philosophy at, as the first person in Poland. He co-created the most dynamically growing fathers’ group in Poland on Facebook – Lepszy Tata. In 2019 he set up Healthy Organisation Project, which brought together best of class wellbeing and team coaches who advocate humanistic view on the business.
He has climbed all 7 Summits except for one. He has travelled to all continents, Antarctica included. He has completed a marathon and Ironman 70.3. He has an MBA in Communications, MA in Intercultural Relations, and a postgraduate diploma in Sociology. His daughter’s name is Tosia.

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