Sanne Visser

Blockchain Expert/ Managing Consultant/ Stoic Philosophy Enthusiast

Teaching resilience: How to stubbornly refuse to be miserable about absolutely anything.

“I don’t believe it! That’s the third time this week this system completely crashed on me! What special kind of idiot is building this thing?!”
Ever heard that? Ever said it? Ever been this annoyed with a system, a colleague?
I understand your frustration. I have been there. However, have you ever wondered what your life would feel like if you didn’t get this upset?

Rationally, I understand the system crashing is not the issue. My expectation that it shouldn’t is why I’m irritated. But that doesn’t matter when I’m already quite fed up and especially when *certain* people are not doing their jobs. Being fed-up, annoyed and irritated mostly means I’m miserable. I was often advised, especially by well-meaning friends, that I should buck up, take it on the chin and move on. However, what has always been missing from this sage advice is exactly HOW to do that. How do you NOT get annoyed, pissed off and miserable? It just happens, right?

This presentation is a practical guide to dealing with stuff that makes you miserable. I’ll teach you an exercise (or two) how to stubbornly refuse to let things make you miserable. The answers are rooted in stoicism, and no, I promise it won’t be a philosophy lesson. I’m sticking to the practical, hands-on exercises that help at the moment. Attend this presentation and you’ll never be miserable again, about anything!

Key Takeaways:

  • Stubbornly refuse to be miserable about anything;
  • Develop an internal feeling of control;
  • Learn an exercise (or two) that will make you feel better.



Winner of the EuroSTAR RisingSTAR Award 2018 – Chairperson for the Meetup “Blockchain Testing Community” in the Netherlands and passionate software tester. Working as Blockchain tester at Capgemini. Sanne is passionate about quality, developing best practices for blockchain that traditional software development doesn’t have answers for yet.
She is an experienced public speaker. Sanne has been a stoic philosophy enthusiast for the past three years. She has attended Stoicon twice, 2018 and 2019. She is a part of the modern stoic group and follows along with stoic week, a practical exercise to live like a stoic’, every year.

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