Paweł Michalik

Head of ING Tech Poland

Panel discussion: Creating an Accessible and Inclusive Workplace

At ING Tech Poland, we work together, we inspire and support each other. In the company, we have always identified ourselves with a high standard of work ethics, among which respect for other people is in the first place. At the turn of many years, as an organization, we helped others by supporting unique initiatives such as the project “Barrier-free company” or Poland Business Run. Together, we are looking for solutions that help shape a company open to everyone, which is why ING Tech Poland has become part of the “Barrier-free company” project, which aims to prepare the organization to employ people with disabilities. We implement the project together with the Poland Business Run Foundation, with which we have been actively cooperating in the Poland Business Run charity run for more than five years.



Paweł Michalik, Head of ING Tech Poland – an experienced executive with more than 10 years of Customer Experience, Finance, IT and General Manager positions. Highly qualified manager with various responsibilities across carrier at ING. Controlling company budget of +70m EUR and directly responsible for local branch of hiring over 1500 FTEs with customers in 23 countries. A pragmatic leader with the drive and commitment to success and engagement to people and teams development. Privately, father to 3 kids and sport and outdoor activities enthusiast.


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