Matthew Parker

Consultant/ Coach/ Autism Inclusion Advocate

Tech, neurodiversity and a lot of odd angles…
co-speaker: David Atkinson

We will be looking at neurodiversity and how it fits into the Tech industry. A brief experience report, where the industry is now and how we can revisit our approach to inclusion within teams. Looking at how accessibility, open doors and improved lines of communication can create opportunities for teams to grow and to realise the value of neurodiversity.


Matthew is a dynamic systems test specialist and consultant, with over 19 years software experience, 17 of which spent working in testing and quality management roles. Matthew has a passion for building, coaching and growing teams to be innovative and free thinking with a focus on continual improvement.

In addition, Matthew, who has an autistic child, has a passion for fighting for improvements in autistic employment and software accessibility. His current focus is very much on driving acceptance and inclusion for the neurodiverse community.

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