Marta Hernik

Managing Director/ Poland Business Run

An efficient non-governmental organization is one that can skillfully combine the interests of its beneficiaries with the needs of companies that want to be socially responsible. The Poland Business Run Foundation has been working for the benefit of people with physical disabilities for many years, creates projects to help eliminate social differences and argues that it is worth helping. What arguments do we use to convince our partners? You will learn about all this during our presentation.


Native Nowa Huta resident. Born in ’84. Since she remembers she liked to organize everything. She started with managing the games on the carpet beating rack and ended up, as was the case with a proud, long-time resident of the sports district, on managing the largest charity run in Poland – the Poland Business Run.
As she says, she loves this project for its unique character, the energy of the people who take part in it and the fact that, thanks to it, every year it is possible to help more people.

She is characterized by a head full of ideas, creativity, an unshakeable belief in the other person and a conviction that nothing is impossible

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