Joanna Lipińska

Coach/ Mindfulness Enthusiast


Joanna Lipińska is a coach with experience in business, but privately focused on supporting women on their path to become sensitive and courageouss leaders. Joanna works both for an IT company and on her own. Her career took off as a classical guitar player, she then studied law and soon found herself managing contract office in leading energy industry company.
Suddenly she came to realisation that communication, specificly self-communication and self-expression are THE things to master to avoid problems and find the right path in life.
Working as a coach she finds out that mindfulness linked with coaching session brings great benefits related to health and quietude and helps people stay more focused. For a year she conducts an almost an everyday mindfulness practices to people and her practitioners circles have been expanding ever since.
Her mission is to make mindfulness practices available everywhere and for everyone.

Joanna will conduct two 20-minute mindfulness sessions with you during IT Matters conference.

Two different mindfulness sessions for everyone. You will have a chance to look deeper into your intentions, needs and values. This will be a great time to calm your mind and body, and help yourself to be more relaxed and creative.

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