Gem Hill

Mental Health First Aider / Senior Tester

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

“I know how to look after my physical health, but I don’t know how to look after my mental health.”

This question is one that sparked the start of my talking about mental health and self care. During my time living with anxiety and C-PTSD, I’ve learned a lot about self care and looking after my mental health, and I knew I could share my strategies with people. This talk is about what self care is, why it’s important regardless of your mental health status, and how to use self care as a mood barometer. I’ll be sharing tricks and tips I use to keep my own mental health stable, and how to adapt them to find your own self care routine.



Gem Hill is passionate about self care and mental health, and is developing resources and exercises to help people come up with self care strategies at SelfCare Backpack/@carebackpack . She can be found on twitter @Gem_hill. She drinks a lot of tea, reads a lot of comics, and loves to bake.

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