Franziska Hauck

People Lead/Coach & Consultant/Accessibility Advocate

Accessibility for developers

For developers living with disabilities and chronic illnesses, the experience in the workplace can be challenging. So what can you do to increase inclusion for these developers? A lot!

In her talk, Franziska shares her perspective as a person living with chronic illnesses and gives concrete tips.



Franziska Hauck is a coach, consultant and advocate. With her experience as a people lead, she coaches engineering managers, developers and primarily those working in tech.

She has consulted startups, content hubs and bootcamp providers. Previously regional lead for the developer relations community programs at Google, she has also worked as a product owner, project manager and community manager.

Franziska provides insights into the realities of those living with chronic illnesses and disabilities. You can find her digitally under tech (people) {code}, on Twitter @_francied and blogging on

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