David Atkinson

Engineer/ Entrepreneur/ Neurodivergent Thinker/ Writer

Tech, neurodiversity and a lot of odd angles…
co-speaker: Matthew Parker

We will be looking at neurodiversity and how it fits into the Tech industry. A brief experience report, where the industry is now and how we can revisit our approach to inclusion within teams. Looking at how accessibility, open doors and improved lines of communication can create opportunities for teams to grow and to realise the value of neurodiversity.


Following an early career as a commissioned officer and chartered engineer in the Royal Air Force, David has established several businesses in sectors including the recruitment, finance, hospitality and FMCG(food). In 2012, he divested himself of his interest in an Insurance-broker consolidator and set up an award-winning food and hospitality business. David holds a post graduate qualification in accounting and finance, a PhD in Critical Management, and has a passion for solving big problems.

David takes a creative approach to business, with a passion for identifying opportunities and innovating solutions.  He received a formal assessment as autistic in 2019 and has put his acute conceptual, systems and analytical skills to use in looking at addressing the opportunity challenges for the neurodiverse community.

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