Daria Dorda

Psychologist/ Trainer/ Coach

Labeling ourselves – when we love it, when we hate it

If there is one certain thing I could tell about people while working with them as a trainer, that’s the one: we do love to read and hear about the most intriguing creature we know – that is ourselves 😊 We love to call, think or speak about ourselves using specific, sometimes funny, sometimes odd terms like introverts, extraverts, ambiverts, yellow-thinker, red thinker, hyper activer, visualizer, and lately – the High Sensitive People. You probably have your favorite one to add to the list.
This may seem harmless and not serious – like reading a horoscope – who believes in them! Oh…wait…
During this talk, I want to invite the audience to do a little self-scan: what is my favorite label and why do I need it? And as a fan of the evidence-based approach, I would like to show what the scientific approach has to say regarding such labels. I hope that after this talk you would be able to use the tests, quizzes and all other questionnaires with greater benefit to yourself and…those around you.



I am a trainer, in my professional career, I passionately share my knowledge. As a leader, a psychologist, a trainer and coach, I have built and implemented several leadership and talent programs from scratch. With these qualifications and experiences, I dare to say: Nothing good comes from an unprepared leader; neither for the teams nor for the leader.

I teach people and organizations. I love to work with leaders, specialists and whole teams to help them grow. People, their behaviors and dynamics keep fascinating me every day. I value my client’s goals and potential while respecting their readiness to change. Change is the most courageous thing one can undertake.

I am a healthy workplace enthusiast. I believe that “soft skills” aren’t really that soft and are probably ‘harder’ to learn if taken seriously. They are precious skills that don’t allow themselves to be estimated or invoiced, but they will largely decide whether your project & organisation will be successful or not. Together, we have the power to change our organizations and the way we connect with others.

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