Agnieszka Chęś

Cross-Cultural Communication Expert

How the Western World culture differs from the rest of the world – the one thing to know to improve cross-cultural co-operation

The culture of the Western World values individualism, however, 70 percent of the global population lives within cultures characterized by values of collectivism. A deep understanding of the differences between collectivist and individualist mindsets enables building better co-operation within teams. Moreover, it helps to comprehend how the Western culture workplace might be perceived by Asian or African partners – a switch of perspectives is a game-changer for successful cross-cultural teamwork.



Agnieszka Chęś, Ph.D. is a business trainer and consultant, project manager, and assistant professor at WSB University of Torun. Her expertise lies in the theory and practice of cross-cultural communication and its applications in management and marketing. She has been developing cultural intelligence skills for 20 years, through studies, research, and hands-on international work experience. She received an MA degree in Spanish philology from Adam Mickiewicz University, MBA from Aalto University, Doctoral diploma in Cross-cultural Translation and Communication from Universidad de Valladolid, and Doctoral degree in Economics from Poznan University of Business and Economics. Her practical experience is diverse and interdisciplinary ranging from: working for an American university, leading marketing projects for Turkish, Indian and Chinese markets, serving as head of a marketing operation for a university in Oman, and leading research on Arab consumer behaviour in the Arab Peninsula. 

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