IT Matters Conference ONLINE

2020 is a year of unforeseeable changes and the most we can do is adapt and make the best of it.
IT Matters is a small conference. We have been considering many options for organizing physical events this year. However, given the current situation, we don’t feel that we can ensure safety to our speakers, attendees and everyone engaged. There is only one decision that we could make.

On 26th September 2020, we invite you to meet in a virtual space for a full-day IT Matters conference online.

We’ll make sure it’s a safe space where everyone feels welcome, a place for personal learning and sharing. We would love it to be as interactive as possible, with all of you being part of this unique experience together with our amazing speakers.
Let’s make it something special!

More details coming soon.
Wherever you are, we hope to meet you there! 💛💚💙

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