BRM test automation


Project background

  • A system for settlement of wholesale customers was prepared for Orange Polska.
  • The main challenge of the project was the need to maintain it and to implement new functionalities which could not cause errors in the existing components.
  • Due to the fact that the system has many modules, even the smallest change in the module occurring at the beginning of the process may cause errors in the modules used in the further part of the process.
  • The BRM Hurt project contains a diverse technology stack and it is necessary to verify the GUI as well as the database and other processes occurring in the system.

IT Matter approach

  • To help Orange Polska achieve its goal, it was decided to build automated tests.
  • Tests going through main business processes, which are realized by e2e tests, were designed.
  • Integration tests were also prepared, which allow verifying processes between different systems.
  • Tests allow to verify both GUI, execute queries on database, verify correctness of processes, run processes on machine etc.
  • The tests are run during the daily build of the environment

Customer value

Deploying subsequent versions of the application is safe due to the wide range of tests that are performed by the automatic test mechanism.

Additionally, any changes connected with implementing amendments to BRM itself (delivered by Oracle) can be strictly verified by test scenarios.

Daily building of applications and running of tests ensures stable operation of the system and immediate detection of errors and irregularities in the system

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