power engineering

Project background

  • S-Labs decided to offer its customers a new service in the form of monitoring of electrical network parameters and quality of supplied energy, as well as its consumption and demand.
  • On the basis of data sent by measuring device alerts about detected anomalies and recommendations concerning possible changes in network parameters or investments, which should positively contribute to its quality and costs were created

IT Matter approach

  • Designing and preparing solution architecture based on the time series database (TSDB)
  • Implementation of technical aspects of collecting, analyzing, monitoring, archiving data from measuring devices
  • Preparation of user interface for full ordering, installation and presentation of collected data and the resulting recommendations on computers and mobile devices
  • The apps are scalable and made with modern technologies.

Customer value

Thanks to ITMatter's work, the client could focus its attention on other strategic projects

The client received a comprehensive product, which could be integrated with its infrastructure and implemented in production for its clients

The created product performed all operations from the moment of receiving raw data to its processing, collection, analysis and presentation

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