Digital Healthcare System

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Project background

  • ESOZ was created in response to the real needs of doctors and nurses working in one of the hospitals dealing with burn wounds.
  • The main need and challenge that was posed was to prepare such a system that would be able to track the change of a wound over time - observe its size, depth and give the possibility of diagnosing patients by other doctors in external facilities e.g. by teleportation.
  • The goal of the system was also to provide comprehensive visit management - entering diseases, adding wounds, taking measurements on wounds, and prescribing recommendations.
  • Another requirement was to enable communication between the patient and staff. Providing the ability to add photos before the visit or the ability to make appointments through the Patient Portal.

IT Matter approach

  • The project that was completed consists of the following applications:
    • a web and mobile application for staff
    • web and mobile application for the patient
  • With the mobile application, the staff can take pictures of the patient's wound during the visit and then through the web application conduct a comprehensive visit with the addition of wound outlines. The system calculates the wound size on its own, making it easy to analyze how the wound size has changed over time. Staff in one place have the ability to schedule and conduct patient visits.
  • Patient apps make it easy to interact with staff by allowing them to attach medical records, photos, and manage their future visits.
  • The apps are scalable and made with modern technologies.

Customer value

The customer, which is the medical staff, received a solution that allows easy observation of the disease over time. The staff has an easy access to the patient's wounds, recommendations, medicines used by the patient, thanks to which they can quickly take further steps regarding the treatment.

The system is designed in such a way that it can be effectively implemented in different types of facilities, not only wound care facilities. It can be implemented in other specialist institutions or clinics.

The system may also be expanded with other modules, e.g. allowing for patient satisfaction assessment and other modules allowing for comprehensive management of patient visits and treatment

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