Digital customer service for Comfortel


Project background

  • Comfortel decided to implement with its billing system an application for customers where they can, for example, check their account balance, active services, download invoice images.
  • It was decided to choose a browser application with support for mobile devices
  • The billing system project, of which the eBOK application became a part, is co-financed with EU funds
  • The eBOK project was created in parallel with the billing system
  • eBOK is a ready-made ITMatter solution which was modified to meet the customer's needs

IT Matter approach

  • Listening to customer needs and establishing an approach to the project
  • Creating mock-ups of the application, before proceeding to prepare the front-end of the application, in order to verify that the UI meets the client's requirements
  • Addressing the needs of the client who did not have all the endpoints returning data ready and offering a mockAPI application to create mock-ups of the endpoints
  • Proposing changes to the application that would improve the user experience
  • Creating a separate administrator application used only to manage the application

Customer value

The client received the application ready for integration with the billing system in 3 months

The application, after connection with the BSS SORT billing system, proved to work seamlessly with itFor the duration of the tests, the client received an environment prepared specifically for tests, with its automatic building every day after the end of the day, thanks to which he knew the current status of the project and the tests could continue in parallel

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