Monika Chutnik

Leadership and Cross-Cultural Trainer and Coach @ ETTA

Leading Across Cultural and Personal Diversity – Tools for Managing Diverse Teams

When I joined a team of Large Scale Events in Learning & Development part of the organization, I was quite amazed to recognize quite different communication and working styles of my fellow colleagues. Was there any key in recruitment, or did they just take anyone available, I thought, even though these were not the times of employee ruled labour market. The beginnings were… strange. I sometimes wondered how the ladies would ever bring their projects to the end.

To my utter surprise, projects were doing great, and the working styles seemed to be well adjusted to countries and cultures they were set in. Also, the way we distributed explicit- and inexplicit – tasks within the team seemed to work very will. This is when I discovered the power of diversity.

In my presentation, I want to share not only my personal experience. A challenge for a manager is frequently how to make the concept of diversity more tangible – more transparent, more explicit, and more manageable. I want to share concepts around managing diversity and selected tools for measuring diversity in a cross- cultural team composed of strong individuals, so that they altogether become a high performing team. A session for leaders, managers, aspiring individual contributors, HR, and anyone trying to understand the power of diversity on a more “technical” level.



Transforming the diversity of people into effectiveness of a team – is Monika’s professional motto. As consultant and trainer for business and culture, Monika designs and delivers Leadership, Culture, and Organizational Development solutions. Throughout her 10+ years of experience in organizational development, Monika has worked with groups and individuals, leaders and employees, both face-to-face and virtually. Monika’s working experience covers multinational corporate environments to smaller enterprises and NGOs, providing an invaluable base for establishing contact and understanding the needs of Customers coming from various sectors. The international dimension of her work is one of the main factors contributing to Monika’s expertise in the cross-cultural cooperation and dynamics of virtual teams.

Cross-culturally, Monika started her education in 1999 in Finland and continued with research work in Germany and a double Masters in Poland. Her official education was supported by NGO activity (Nordic Network of Intercultural Communication, Young SIETAR, Cooperation of Central and Eastern Europe “Sunflower”). She’s written her own articles and a book on adaptation and acculturation processes was published in 2007. This intense activity resulted in culture-specific, culture-sensitive and adaptation trainings, as well as  a Presidency of SIETAR Polska – Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research, a part of the global network of SIETAR organizations. A long-life Honorary Membership of SIETAR Polska is a sign of appreciation of Monika’s and the Board’s accomplishments.

Monika’s focus  in development projects is to have an open and concentrated contact with the Participant. Monika believes in the training ABC = Affective, Behavioral, and Cognitive elements are a must for a meaningful session. She is valued for her open approach, clear focus on training goals, and ability to create a good working atmosphere. She currently works on applying these skills in facilitation and team coaching projects.


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