Jakub Marchwicki

Software Craftsman

Is there anything three Caucasian male (in their thirties) can tell you about diversity?

What can men do to improve diversity in an environment with a severe overrepresentation of particular gender or age (like IT, but that’s not the only non-balanced industry one can talk about)? First and foremost, they should never leave things the way they are. Let’s start with empathy at all times, acknowledging other’s feelings and needs. An initial step to build a diverse and inclusive environment.
During this session, we will describe our path to a balance of gender, age at meetups we organize. A few years ago, IT conferences were 100% male speakers, a complete lack of underrepresented groups at technical meetups. We’ve challenged that.
We will show by example, how introvert software engineers (that’s us after all) put themselves on a slippery slope of human interactions, to find, encourage and support in public speaking. To work with people who want to speak and present, as much as they are afraid to do so.




Jakub is a software craftsman with over a decade of commercial experience in programming, wearing multiple hats, getting hands dirty in multiple environments. Some languages, some companies, blah blah blah – doesn’t really matter. Architect, programmer, manager, technical trainer, tech lead, wannabe entrepreneur, JUG leader. There is a fair chance he does non of those right.

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