Ilona Sadowska

Music Therapist & Coach

Good team tunes up like an orchestra – what music can teach you about the teamwork

Music is one of the best examples of strong teamwork and creating a musical piece together can be a great exercise that integrates and examines a team. It helps to become more aware of the importance of one another, creates cohesion and strengthens bonds.

Communication is a basic skill that is essential to build interpersonal relations in a team. The way we communicate the information or how we perceive and understand the message that reaches us very often determines the success or failure of what we try to pursue. There are many ways we can communicate with others. What makes us understand the message from another person is related to several factors, such as openness, empathy and mindfulness.

During this interactive session we will work on effective communication in a team by using musical instruments and various types of objects that produce sounds. By using techniques from the areas of music therapy and art coaching, we will work on our communication skills, emotional intelligence, creativity and empathy.

While working as a team we will create a musical piece, become an organic music band, improve our communication skills and above all have a lot of fun!




Ilona is a coach and music promoter with a Master’s degree in music therapy. Working with people on their personal development is a passion of hers. On a daily basis, she cooperates with artists to help them to pursue their music career, organizes music events and supports IT and HR teams.

She is a co-founder of the Business Coaching Polska Association, which has been successfully operating on the market since 2013 offering coaching sessions, training and workshops related to soft skills. Since 2019 she has been cooperating with Thalento Polska, which provides solutions for HR industry.


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