Igor Mróz

Founder, Trainer & Consultant @ ZERO Bullshit Management

The day when I’ve found out why I am surrounded by morons

The team does not get it. IT Director has no clue. Even founders and sales department make decisions that are completely against the common sense. And don’t even ask me about the support team from India. Sounds familiar? Then come and listen to the story how I learned to cope with such situations and how, hopefully, can you.



My management style was often called “effective, but difficult”. Probably due to my congenital bullshit detector. I strongly believe that there can be no effective management and leadership without knowledge of psychology and personal productivity. I happily share my insights in the articles and during conferences. Received several awards for doing so.

I graduated accounting. I lead my first project in 2003, and apart from project management I did sales, business analysis, computer programming and product management. I ran my own business and worked for corporations, SMEs and startups (including more than a year in the Netherlands). Starting 2015, I trained several hundred zero bullshit project managers.

More: linkedin.com/in/igormroz/ zerobsmanagement.com (PL/EN) antifragile.pl (PL)


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