Daria Dorda

Trainer/ Manager/ Psychologist

Burnout syndrome – addressing the elephant in the room

According to World Health Organization mental and behavioral disorders concern about 20% of all disease states in Europe. Those problems affect every fourth person at some point of life. One of them is burnout syndrome.

It is not possible to escape from being tired of your job. Even the most passionate work you might be lucky to have, may require some boring, unpleasant, or irritating tasks to be completed. From time to time each of us needs to cope with stressful situations and conflicts. A lingering, negative attitude towards your everyday duties is however a different story. The consequences of such mental condition seriously affect people who are dealing with this problem, their families and the companies. Therefore during this speech I want to go beyond stress management techniques as such.  I will talk about occupational burnout and mental health issues that go hand in hand with it.

During this speech you will learn:

– what is burnout syndrome;

– how to recognize it in IT industry;

– what companies could do to prevent their employees from burning out;

– what can the manager and the whole team do to help their colleagues not to burn out;

– how to help those who already suffer.

We spend about one-third of our lives at work. Let’s make this part of our life as healthy, balanced and meaningful as possible.




Daria has been working for huge IT companies for more than a decade, starting as Service Desk consultant, through different specialist, management, leadership and HR roles. Whenever she dares to say: “Ok, now I’ve seen it all”, the reality does successfully challenge that thesis.

Her “professional heart” has 3 chambers. The first one belongs to a trainer, the second to manager and the third one to HR expert and enthusiast.  She works with leaders, specialists and teams as coach, Scrum Master and trainer with Master’s degree in Psychology.  She does it through team and individual coaching both for leaders and specialists.

She combines her psychological knowledge with her own business experience in order to help the others grow.  Fascinated by people behaviors at workplace, by teams and their dynamics, as well as their leaders she is focusing her work on her client’s goals, potential, their readiness to change and evidence base.




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