Aleksandra Warzecha

Senior developer @ EY GDS Poland

New influences shaping IT teams

In the recent years the IT industry in Poland has been undergoing significant transformations in which two trends seem to play leading roles:

• diversity – a systemwide opening to up till now underrepresented groups as well as the rise of multinational and multicultural teams

• a new wave of developers – without technical education but with skills trained by boot camps

During our presentation, we would like to share our experiences in these areas and showcase conclusions on how a diversified environment can stimulate communications, work organization and creativity of IT teams.




Aleksandra is a full stack developer currently involved in a blockchain-based project. As an archaeology master and a long-time communications professional, she has a strong humanistic background that turned out to be surprisingly useful in IT. She is also a strong advocate for Web Accessibility, spreading the word about WCAG principles on every occasion.

co-speaker: Paweł Milewski




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